When in drought – plan for rain!

With a hot Auckland this summer, the city has broken its water consumption record twice since the start of February. Aucklanders …

Up-Flo Filters – What makes them so marvelous?

In 2006 stormwater treatment in New Zealand was turned on its head. The Up-Flo Filter was introduced to our shores to …

Merry Christmas & 2019 Staff Function

Christmas is approaching and we hope you have a wonderful one! If is often at this point in time when people …

The Director’s Desk – September

It appears the media is intent on spreading fear and pessimism throughout the business sector. Dutton Stormwater does not subscribe to …

The Directors’ Desk – August

There are few things more satisfying for me than to see crystal clear water emerging from the outlet of a filtration device we maintain. Over the month of July our crew completed 100% of our planned maintenance jobs.

Proud to be part of Foodstuffs LittaTrap™ Initiative

On the 8th of June, World Oceans Day, Foodstuffs North Island launched a new pilot programme to stop waste flowing to …

Mayor calls for Stormwater System overhaul

e cleaned a CDS unit in East Tamaki and we were honored enough to have the Right Honorable Mayor Phil Geoff come and see what we were doing. It was also on TV1 which gave many of our crew their first TV debut.

From the Director’s Desk – July

Each morning when the crew stand in the shed waiting for the WIFLE to start, I drive in wondering how the …

New Kaiser vacuum truck

This sturdy new truck will enable us to provide service at more locations simultaneously, or use all our trucks on one location to expedite the project.

New Hino vacuum truck

We are pleased to add this versatile truck to our fleet.

Handling the overflow

Auckland Today spoke to Ed Dutton.

Team building – with Zorbs!

Such a fun team building day at Little Shoal Bay playing Zorb soccer!