It all began with one man, a dog and a van.

Ed Dutton’s worked in the stormwater industry in South Africa and New Zealand – his previous job was selling the stormwater treatment devices that Dutton Stormwater now services and maintains.

While working in the sales sector, he realized that there was a lack of suitable stormwater maintenance in Auckland. Stormwater devices in Auckland weren’t being serviced well – if at all – so he decided to do something about it.

In 2009 Ed bought a van and started working towards making Auckland’s stormwater systems superlative.

Eight years on and Dutton Stormwater now hires ten fulltime staff; and provide maintenance services to some of New Zealand’s biggest commercial clients. Foodstuffs, Caltex and Downer all utilize our services, as does Auckland Council.

But its not just the big guys – many residential clients also rely on us for the regular maintenance of their stormwater devices.

It’s a success story that’s grown from the six core values that have always underpinned Ed’s vision.

Care for the environment

“The very existence of our company is to do our part in caring for the environment. Every activity we perform is to protect the ocean from pollutants.”

Follow Through

“We do what we say we are going to do.”

Courage and Integrity

“Staff are encouraged to act with courage and integrity. If they see a behavior which is not appropriate, they are encouraged to say or do something. The person receiving this advice is to accept the advice from a caring perspective.”

Health and Safety

“There is no compromise on the safety of our staff and the partners we work with.”


“We aim to keep things simple. From the initial communication to the completion of the job, you will find us approachable and uncomplicated.”

Team Work

“The staff at Dutton Stormwater are a team. We work with partners, councils and customers to achieve our vision.”

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