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New to our fleet – Kaiser Truck

In clean, green New Zealand, we often take our beautiful oceans for granted. But in a rainy city like Auckland, waste will find its way into our waterways if not for well functioning stormwater systems.

Dutton Stormwater treasures our precious environment and is committed to ensuring Auckland’s stormwater and wastewater systems are maintained to the highest standard.

Specialists in stormwater maintenance, we employ the best people in the world to provide the best stormwater maintenance service for the commercial and residential sector.

We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes and we own everything that takes place on a site we maintain. We hold ourselves accountable for the results.

You’ve probably seen our staff working, providing stormwater runoff management and other services to over a thousand sites city-wide.

Our clients range from huge corporates such as Foodstuffs to home owners all over the super-city – we are committed to providing all of them with the best possible service.

Our hard work ensures that Auckland’s waterways remain clean and free from waste; protection of our natural environment is at the heart of our company and it’s what makes us tick.

We all need to play our part when it comes to our keeping Auckland’s waterways clean. If you have a stormwater device on your property, its your responsibility to ensure it is functioning as designed.

Most stormwater treatment devices are designed in the form of a filter. Common sense will inform us that filters block up and need to be cleared. We manage this concern for you.

The frequency of maintenance is often stipulated on your resource consent. However, we work with you to ensure the frequency of maintenance is correct for your site.

As one of Auckland’s top residential stormwater management companies we are committed to helping you keep your stormwater system operating as it was designed.

Whether you’re a commercial or residential customer, we guarantee to provide you with the best stormwater maintenance package available.

Our maintenance proposals are site-specific and are always designed for the customers benefit. We love our customers. Good enough isn’t. We deliver our services to exceptional standards that add value to all who trust us with their assets. We always look to do more with less and remain on a path of constant and never-ending improvement and innovation. Whatever your stormwater needs, we will deliver . . . it’s that simple.

Contact us now for advice on how we can help with your stormwater and wastewater requirements. Together we can keep Auckland’s waterways clean and pristine.

If you would like a free stormwater maintenance evaluation give us a call and we will arrange to visit you on site.

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